Fighting Against Lazy: Week 2

In a short 25 years, my life has seen it’s fair share of irony.  My senior year of high school, I found myself preparing a paper regarding the strength and reliability of my current physics project.  The final, and what I though unassailable, line read: “This project is as solid and dependable as Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees closer) in the 9th.”  At the time, Rivera was widely considered the best late inning pitcher in baseball.  His psyche seemed unshakable and the Yankees were destined for another World Series title.  Literally, the evening after I turned in my paper, Rivera would end up blowing the game and the World Series for the Yankees.

Due to my history of irony, when I received an email about the potential outbreak of Swine Flu at the school where I am employed, I should have watched what I said.

“Swine Flu is the most overrated and fraudulent sickness ever created by drug corporations.”

Swine Flu is certainly not the killer that all the pharmaceutical companies want you to think it is.  It does, however, make for a miserable existence for a few days.  Week 2 of my trek to 26.2 saw vast improvements and a significant amount of weight loss.  It ended in a difficult manner, as I have been battling a severe sore throat, nausea, and congestion.  Swine Flu? Maybe, but most likely just a cold…hopefully.

Week 2, Day 2:

Running has become a bit less tiresome, so I decided to push myself to see exactly how much improvement has taken place.  Instead of the usual half-mile run then break, I went for a full 1.3mile loop without stopping.  Surprisingly, I was able to accomplish that fairly easily.  That is a far cry from the previous days of 300 yards and then struggling to survive.

After I completed that first loop without stopping, I encountered the runners’ nemesis.  I was deep into my second mile and feeling good, when some guy who referred to his dog as “Dumbass” allowed that very dog to jump on me while running.  As my stamina is incredibly fragile, the exertion of evading “Dumbass” nearly ended my running session.  I continued on with my energy now in it’s final throes and pondered why a guy who knew exactly what his dog was like, would let him off the leash.  If is to meet women, he definitely needs to come up with a more endearing moniker.

Week 2, Day 6:

Most individuals who run long distances know what it’s like to be “in the zone”.  I’m not talking about the zone where you can do no wrong and are thriving far above the current competition.  The zone that I am referring to is the near zombie like state when you have reached your limit and want to focus on nothing more than crossing the finish line.  I found myself residing in this terrifying place near the end of my fourth and final mile.  When I am focused during a run, even the slightest noises or movements can be quite startling.  I was rounding the final corner and cruising past a riverbank when a stray cat jumped directly in front of me, nearly up my leg, and then back into the bushes.  It might as well have been a mountain lion.  The sudden movement immediately sent my reactions into the infamous “fight or flight” mode.  Since I was too tired to run anymore, my instincts dropped me into a sort of Chris Farley meets Jackie Chan meets Jason Segel Kung Fu stance.  I wish I had a picture.

Week 2 Summary:

My average daily runs have increased from a meager 0.5 miles to a less meager 2.6.  One day per week I try to run at least 4 miles.  This week I rocked a 227 on the weight scale, reflecting an 8-pound loss since I got off the couch.  TheraFlu has been a lifesaver and has helped clear up the throat for enough time to squeeze in a few miles.  I start Week 3 tomorrow and I’m ready to see if I can complete 3.9 miles without stopping.

Thanks for stopping by to check this out.  If you have any tips, comments, or advice feel free to leave it here or you can shoot me an email:


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