Fighting Against Lazy: Week 3

Preparing to run a marathon has not proved to be an easy task.  Fortunately, week three has provided more improvement that I had hoped for.  After barely being able to complete a single mile during week one, I was able to hammer out four miles on Sunday.  The weight continues to drop and I am starting to believe that this goal may actually be possible.

Week 3, Day 2:

This day proved to be more distracting than productive.  I finally completed two miles without stopping, but two separate individuals made lasting impressions during my run.  Mid-way through the second mile I encountered a man in a wheelchair and smoking a cigarette.  It was sad, to say the least, but it did supply much needed motivation.  Anybody who is capable of running or walking should be infinitely grateful for that ability.  I thought that would be my only running epiphany during Day 2, but I was wrong.

About 200 yards short of the finish line, there was a man who looked as if he was talking on a cell phone.  As I approached I realized he did not have a phone, but rather the classic pinkie finger and thumb phone.  He was clearly homeless and having a one-way conversation with himself.  I slowed up just a bit, since eavesdropping on homeless people’s fake conversations is a personal hobby of mine.  He was babbling to someone he referred to as “honey” about the groceries he would be picking up that evening to bring home.  This is probably the most depressing run I have ever gone on, but it did give me a renewed sense of appreciation for life.  If you want to do something, don’t wait, because not everyone who has pretend conversations while pushing a shopping cart started out that way.

Week 3, Day 5:

Canadian Geese are mean bastards.  They must derive some sick pleasure from harassing every creature that comes within ten feet.  Everyday I sprint a 50-yard stretch littered with these birds and it has successfully added agility training to my marathon repertoire.

I have to admit my first miniature failure.  I drank a Dr. Pepper for the first time in three weeks.  After falling off the soda wagon, I cranked down about 7 or 8 more and then finally gained control.  It would not surprise me if Pepsi products were laced with Heroin.

Week 3 Summary:

Outside of the Dr. Pepper, this was a damn good week.  I weighed in at 223.4 bringing the total weight loss to 11.6 pounds.  I enjoyed the life lessons brought about by handicapped smokers and the homeless.  I hope they can find ways to improve their life.  Week four is going to bring the longest run of my life to date: 5 miles.  After churning out four miles yesterday, five does not seem as daunting of a number.  Hopefully, I can continue to improve, but I know the wall is coming.  How I react once the progress does not come as consistently will determine if this mountain will be conquered.


2 responses to “Fighting Against Lazy: Week 3

  • Jennifer Youker

    Tyson, I’m so impressed with your willingness to take on this journey. And I love reading about it on your blog. You are very interesting. Please keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing more about it.

  • Ashley Jordan

    I am so impressed! (And I’m not just saying that either.) Your candid comments actually make the reader (me) almost feel like they were there for the run!! 🙂 Very entertaining. As for the training, you sound like your on the way to being a runner. You’ve figured out “the zone”…now for the “runner’s high.” Not sure it could possible take the place of Dr. Pepper….but give it a shot. Either way, don’t let anyone belittle your progress. It takes a lot of work to stick with training for anything. Don’t give up!!

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