Help 52

“Help 52 was created to support families affected by severe illness by providing them with financial aid for life’s everyday expenses during their times of adversity. We are here to provide financial assistance to families nominated by those who know their struggle; families who in the face of a major crisis, are still expected to deal with life’s unchanging everyday demands and expenses.

That is why we are here. Our passion is to help those families. While we may not be able to heal their loved one’s physical condition, we want to at least help them stay fed, warm, and sheltered. We want to give families the chance to come together during these times, without having to worry about mounting bills. While there are great organizations to help support research for a cure, awareness, and screening, these families can’t wait for a cure. They need someone today.

Each of Help 52’s founders has experienced what it’s like to be in this type of situation. We can empathize, because we’ve been there. Help us make a difference. Help 52.”

(As Published on the Help 52 Website)

I just wanted to drop a quick heads up about a great organization.  You can check out the link on the right hand side or simply click below.


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