Fighting Against Lazy: Back in the Saddle

Following a few weeks of rest, I’m finally back on the road and continuing the process of preparing for the Napa Valley Marathon in March. I spent the first half of October giving the foot a chance to recover from Plantars Fasciitis, and the second half mustering up the motivation to get started once again. Finally, last Monday I hit the pavement with enough determination to roll out at least 2 miles a day every day this week, except Thursday. That is a far cry from the 6 miles I was running in late early September, but I’m confident I can get back on track sooner than expected.

Week 8, Day 2:

Due to a tragic news story that ran when I was ten years old, I have had an inherent fear of mountain lions that plagues me whenever I run. This fear arises regardless of location, time, or season. The news story occurred in Northern California probably around 1993-94. A woman was running by herself and was attacked by a mountain lion and killed. Her body was found a few days later, half eaten. I’m sure this has happened a few times since then, but for whatever reason this particular one sticks in my head. With daylight savings kicking in and winter’s days getting shorter and shorter, my schedule has me running after the sun has gone down. This may make me run faster.

On my second day back running full time, I had to do one of these dreaded night runs. I know it is absurd to fear a mountain lion when I live about 2 blocks away from the 680 in the middle of the East Bay. But, what if? What if a mountain lion somehow wandered past five major freeways through rush hour traffic, just to turn me into a tasty meal? It is possible, but unlikely. The night jog proved to be uneventful, although mentally terrifying.

Week 8 Summary

I have been incredibly lucky this week. I had been worried that I would have lost all of the progress I had made previously. To my surprise in the final run of the week, I was able to crank out 2 miles without stopping, and then sprint the final quarter mile. This turn of events has nearly put me back on my previous pace. The big test comes this Sunday, when I roll out for a five mile run for the first time since early September. If my foot does not respond negatively the following day, I can officially say that I’m back to 100 percent. Even with the running lay off, I was able to maintain my current weight and once I started running again I shed a few more pounds. When I started this ridiculous plan I clocked in at a hefty 235. Now the scale reads 219.



One response to “Fighting Against Lazy: Back in the Saddle

  • Rhea

    That’s wonderful that you’re training for the Napa Valley Marathon. I am thinking about running it as well. Since you’re a beginner, may I offer a bit of unsolicited advice? I would not run every day – doing too much too soon leads to injury. Also, if you’re sprinting — not just merely running fast – be sure to do a slow jog cooldown. Napa will be my 6th marathon – I hope to qualify for Boston.

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