Fighting Against Lazy: December

The training is now entering the home stretch and I feel like I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve been extending the runs while fighting the cold weather. The official Race Day is March 7th, 2010 and it is closing in faster than I could have ever anticipated. The last month I have seen small amounts of progress, hampered only by freezing temperatures and even a bit of snow. If I am going to finish this baby, then I’ve got to push the training into full gear starting now. I’ve even made a small bet with the wife in an attempt to boost the motivation. Here are the details.

The Plan:

For the next 10 weeks, I’m pulling out all the stops. Eliminating all unhealthy food and increasing my daily exercise. First off, and the most difficult to achieve, is the removal of sugar from my diet. (With the exception of natural sugar consumed through fruit). After a careful examination of the food pantry, I realized that even the bread we own contains sugar. The Special K breakfast cereal that I recently purchased is also out.

It is quite the revelation when you start to take a look at the insane amounts of processed sugar a person can consume in an entire day.  It makes you realize why obesity is so prevalent in our society.  Even with the daily running my weight has been stuck in the 220-225 range.  My goal is to be rocking below 210 by race day.  The only way this can be obtained is through a dramatic increase in the health factor of my diet.  This is going to be absurdly difficult, but hopefully worth it.

Second, I’m increasing the daily runs from the 3-5 mile range, to the 5-10 mile range. With the exception of long Sunday runs, 3-5 has pretty much been the standard. I had been following a set program, but not getting the results I had been expecting. Since the switch to another program, the improvements have been much better.

Third, the addition of light weights and leg strengthening exercises should help the process. Since September, I’ve been solely dedicated to running, without any extra types of exercise. It is my hope that the added leg and upper body strength will increase both my durability and endurance.  Especially with the longer runs feeling more than twice as taxing on my legs as my lungs.  This will be another difficult aspect as I loathe, I mean loathe lifting weights.  It takes me back to high school, when all the block heads would pick the biggest weights they could find and scream as loud as they could while completing the most intense single rep ever.  This was always followed by high fives, general grunting and congratulations.  I usually just hid in the back and rode the bicycle.  I love sports, but I always found that the best way to get better was to actually play it, instead of working out.  

The Bet:

All of this comes at a cost, thanks to my inability to turn down a bet. While it may seem a bit juvenile for a 25 year old man to gamble on an Xbox 360, I have done so nonetheless. I was confident enough in my determination to wager a full month without playing Madden, Call of Duty, or any other game.

I’m giving myself a 50/50 chance.  It all depends on if a Dr. Pepper ever finds its way within arms reach of me between now and March 7th.


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