Don’t Buy a Chevy Cobalt

I just wanted to throw some quick information up on my site regarding the purchase of Cobalts.  Sadly, I made the mistake of buying a Chevy Cobalt about a year ago.  It has been nothing but problems since and Chevy has refused to provide any assistance for their piece of junk car.  The power steering went out at 41,000 miles, the fuel pump went bad at 50,000, and the key usually jams when I try to start it.  I sent all of this information to Chevy with the hopes that they would realize how jacked up it was to force me to pay (roughly 2,000 dollars) to fix all of these problems.  Their not so prompt response was this direct quote: “While it may seem like the good faith thing to do, we will not be providing you with assistance.”   So, while Chevy is inherently evil and probably has no concern whatsoever about this site, I figured if I can at least save one person the trouble of owning a Chevy, then I have at least done something positive.


8 responses to “Don’t Buy a Chevy Cobalt

  • keith

    Did you purchase an extended warranty before the initial 36,000 mile/3 year warranty ran out?

  • tysonq

    I tried to, but the dealership I bought it at (Larry Miller Hyundai in Glendale, Arizona) would not sell it to me because the vehicle had one previous owner. That might have helped, but Chevy probably would have come up with a reason why the power steering was not under warranty.

  • gary

    you brought this car second hand and you expect them to help you,get real do you know the service history was before or who owned it,i will bet it was a rental car

    • tysonq

      It does not surprise me that a comment like that would come from an employee of a dealership. First off, the car had one previous owner with a clean history. Second, anybody who has checked up on Cobalts recently has seen a dramatic increase in Power Steering Failures. Third, are you telling me that if I bought a used car from your Mazda dealership, I should not be surprised if my car is not in good mechanical condition? No wonder dealerships are struggling so bad. Faulty vehicles are sold to buyers and the best response that you can come up with is “get real”.

  • Theresa

    Perfectly stated. I can’t even think of anything to add except it appears Mazda doesn’t stand behind its’ used cars either…so thanks for my reality dose.

  • tysonq

    On a side note, anybody interested in avoiding purchasing a car from Gary: His name and link comes up as “Mazda of Lakewood” in Lakewood, Colorado.

  • Nils

    Thanks for the information Tyson. I’m a big fan of yours and I think that Gary sums up my whole experience with Mazda. Thanks for supporting a car company, Gary, that makes piece of shit cars like my mazda6 that lose their engines at 40,000 miles. I could go on and on about all the shit wrong with my car despite regular maintenance and great upkeep, but still that car is determined to cost me more to maintain it than it did to buy the damned thing.

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