Fighting Against Lazy: The New Year

2010 has been fairly smooth thus far.  Completing the no sugar challenge has proven to be difficult, but I’m still going after 3 weeks.  The daily mileage has increased to 5-10 miles per day now.  The best part of the diet has been the consistent weight loss.  When I started the marathon training, I scaled in at a healthy 235, now the most recent weigh in has reflected a trim 215.  With the race day goal of 210 easily within reach, I may try to get between 200 and 210 before March 7th.  One of the more interesting effects of losing weight has been the fact that my wedding ring no longer fits.  I put it on a few days back and it slid immediately off and fell on the ground.  As much as I’m sure my wife would love me losing it, I will have to go “bachelor style” until I can get it refitted.

The lack of sugar has added an interesting aspect to my diet.  Now that I have removed all processed sugar, I have found that regular fruit tastes like Pixie Sticks.  A grape is pretty much a sugar cube and apples taste like hard cotton candy.  It is amazing how much excessive sugar can masked the actual sweet properties of fruit.

My latest enemy in the completion of this goal is the weather.  I’ve now had to run in the rain the last three days in a row.  It is cold and a lot easier to get injured, so I have had to take it slow.  Less than two months now.  I honestly thought I would have quit this trip long before, but now I can actually see the finish line.


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