Fighting Against Lazy: The Final Month

It is scary to think that after 6 months of running, the final month of training has finally arrived. There have been plenty of ups and downs throughout the experiment, but I am optimistic about my chances of completing the Marathon. The past month has been a strenuous month as I’ve been fighting the weather and multiple non-running related injuries. I have been knocked unconscious, missed a few days from work, and been to the doctor about a back issue just in the past two weeks. Now that I am nearly back to 100 percent, I can hit the road as hard as possible for the final month in order to ensure that I have the best chance of finishing. First, here are some details from the previous month.

Back Injury:

After a back injury in college during a basketball game, I began have random flare ups/back spasms.  Usually it only lasted for a few days, but lately it has been getting a bit worse.  The doctor is thinking it is a condition called “Sciatica”. Luckily, it is extremely treatable and I should be back on track in no time.  I am able to run with the pain, as it is exacerbated only when sitting down for extended periods of time.

Head Injury/Concussion

This occured when I least expected it and the details surrounding the incident are a bit fuzzy.  I was watching another stellar episode of Man vs. Wild (while eating grapes and drinking water) when I decided that I had had enough grapes and it was time to put them back in the fridge.  As I opened the fridge and bent down to put them into the bottom crisper box, something unfortunate happened.  A glass vase, weighing roughly seven pounds, fell from the top of the fridge and hit me in the back of the head.  I’m fairly certain I was out cold as I have a bit of time gap and then next thing I remember is being on the kitchen floor.  After about 5 minutes I started to clear the cobwebs and realized that my wife was almost home from work.  Since I figured her opening the door and seeing me lying in the kitchen not moving might be a bit much, I decided to crawl over to the couch.  I sat there and started to piece together the previous events.  After visiting the doctor, I found out it was a minor concussion.

Final Month Goals/Plan:

Over the course of this final month I want to increase my daily mileage and be prepared to run the majority of the Marathon.  I’m not under the delusion that I can run consecutively for 26.2 miles after less than a year of training.  The time limit is six hours and I’d like to finish it in less than five.  The no sugar diet is still going strong and the last weigh in was 214.  Extremely close to my goal of 210 or less by race day.  I should be well on my way to actually getting this crazy plan accomplished.  As long as I continued to check on top of the fridge before opening it for the next four weeks.


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