Looking on the Bright Side

The Arizona Cardinals have experienced a heavy loss of talent since the completion of the season. Could that spell doom for the franchise? Or is it just a chance for the youngsters to step up and bask in the spotlight. Tyson Qualls completes his two part series with an optimistic approach to the upcoming season.

Wells Conquers the Curse of the Sophomore Slump:

The Cardinals’ best chance at gaining some swagger on the ground is former first round draft pick Beanie Wells. The young runner has more upside than Tim Hightower and should be able to take his game to the next level.

Last season Wells scored seven touchdowns while splitting time with Hightower. This year, look for Wells to take on the bulk of the carries and break the 1,000-yard mark.

Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart Becomes the Best Lefty in the Desert Since Randy Johnson:

Say what you will about Matt Leinart, the former USC quarterback has the potential to be a success. Finally given the keys to family car, Leinart will have every chance to lead the Cardinals in the upcoming season.

Leinart looked good in the mid-May OTA. If Steve Breaston or Early Doucet can step up and fill the void left by Anquan Boldin, Leinart could complete a season with more touchdowns than interceptions for the first time in his career.

The Giants Paid How Much?

The Arizona Cardinals dodged a bullet when they let Antrel Rolle depart for the New York Giants. While he is a capable safety, Rolle is worth nowhere near the amount of money shelled out by Giants’ management.

The former cornerback can often make spectacular plays, but offsets those by being beat deep regularly. The fact that the Cardinals found a suitable replacement, without breaking the bank, is at least a consolation prize for the exodus of talent that occurred during the off-season.

Cody Brown Recovers and Excels:

The Cardinals drafted Brown in the second round with the hopes that he would immediately contribute in passing situations. The UCONN standout was a virtual sack machine in college. Instead, the Cardinals watched as their newest weapon ended his season before it could begin with an injury.

This year Brown is back and with the losses of Karlos Dansby, Chike Okeafor, and Bertrand Berry, the future is wide open. Cardinals’ fans should prepare as Brown may have more of an impact than aging veteran Joey Porter.


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