You Can’t Tell Them Nothin’

Two young NBA prodigies hit the L this summer with no intentions of respecting their elders. Both cultivated their talents at the University of Kentucky and neither seems to care what you think.  John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins have already endured heavy criticism since entering the world’s premier basketball league.  Not surprisingly, each has also earned his fair share of praises as well.

Wall may be looked upon as a savior for the Wizards, but unless he can reel in his poor decision making skills, he will never be a premier point guard in the NBA.  Wall currently ranks 6th in the league in assists per game, but the amount of turnovers it takes to generate assists makes him an inefficient player.  Wall’s assist to turnover ratio is ranked all the way down at 34th in the league.  He publicly expressed frustration with John Calapari during his stay at Kentucky and it is not unlikely he won’t hesitate to do the same in the nations capital.  If Wall cannot be surrounded with talent within two seasons, The D.C. at the end of Washington will be representing the two most common trade components: draft picks and cash.

Cousins’ arrival in Sac did not mark the first time a talented player with a questionable past performed in Arco Arena.  Chris Webber rejuvenated a city and there were hopes Cousins could do the same. Although soon it may not matter as Cousins won’t need to win a Championship to head to Disneyland. The Kings are reportedly on the verge of relocation, with Anaheim as the premier destination.  Cousins would probably enjoy a change of scenery as he has already clashed with coach Paul Westphal.

Can two Kentucky products with flash a priority over substance change two destitute franchises?  The answer lies within veteran leadership, a commodity that neither player has at their disposal.  As the first two potential starts to be born in the 90’s, a lot is riding on the shoulders of Wall and Cousins.  In order to develop both prospects the Kings and the Wizards should be making a play for a quality veteran with a little tread left on the tires to help guide the Wildcat alumni.  However, that may be a waste of time as each player has proven in the past that when it comes to guidance, you can’t tell them nothin’.


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